Our 24/7 roof repair services include emergency tarps, ridge vent replacement, partial roof replacement, and more.

We’re experts at repairing roof leaks and storm and wind damage.

Whether you’ve noticed a leak, stains on your ceiling, missing shingles, or tree, storm, and wind damage, JAYK Contractor is here to help. We offer a variety of roof repair and maintenance services, including:


Emergency Leak Repair

If you’ve noticed stains on your ceiling, you probably have a roof leak. Our estimators are experts at identifying and repairing roof leaks before they cause significant and costly damage to your home.


Storm and Tree Damage Repair

We handle storm, wind, and tree damage repair projects ranging in scope from missing shingles to larger, more complex projects including repairing damage to decking, fascia, and siding.


Chimney Flashing Repair

Damaged chimney flashing is a top cause of roof leaks. If you suspect you have a leak around your chimney, our expert repair estimators will work with you to identify the leak and to repair your chimney flashing.


Ridge Vent Replacement

The ridge vent is one of the most important components of a properly ventilated attic. We repair damaged and leaking ridge vents and install new, premium vinyl ridge vent as necessary to improve your roof’s ventilation.


Skylight Replacement

We install Velux, America’s #1 brand of skylights. Whether you’re adding light to a dark space or replacing an old or leaking skylight, we look forward to assisting you with your next skylight project.


Soffit and Fascia

Though fascia is aesthetic and often comes loose due to wind and storms, soffit is much more important to your home, as it’s part of a properly ventilated roofing system. We repair and install fascia and soffit systems.


Attic Insulation

Many common roofing issues, including ice damming, are the result of improper ventilation and an under-insulated attic. Interested in scheduling an estimate for attic insulation? Give us a call!

We work to make your roof repair process as easy and painless as possible.

In order to serve the emergency roofing needs of our customers, we do the following:


We have a 24/7 emergency roof repair phone line.


We install emergency roof tarps.


We work with your homeowner's insurance.

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